Saturday, August 18, 2007


There are a lot of people out there looking for work. The link below will lead you to one of them.


This is a person who has a ton of talent in the film editing, film making area. He is a guy who never quits. A guy who went out in search of himself after high school and required about four years before he turned the right corner and liked what he saw. He then moved into a small, cramped apartment with his mother and father so that he could attend the school of his dreams. I
t was exceedingly impressive to see a 22 year old student spend 14 and 15 hour days at school just about every day of the week. He would then get on the commuter train after school and come back to the apartment to rest and prepare for another long day. Over time he even latched on to a part time job as a security guard in order to disencumber his parents from the full load of school, food and rent. It got a little bit better for him as he became more acquainted with the school system. Further relief from the long commute came with the introduction of online classes at his level. It took nearly five full years for him to get his mortar board, but he did it.

Now he is faced with a challenge of another nature. He is a single male, unattached, ready and raring to go anywhere in the English speaking world, even if English is the second language. He does have some experience in film making and has come to discover that he writes quite well too.

Take a moment to check out his simple website. You'll like what you see.