Friday, October 12, 2012


Paul Ryan, October 11, 2012 on stage during the debate:  I am not in favor of abortion except in the case of incest, rape and to save the life of the mother.
Yaaaayyyyy!  He's pro-life.  We all know that Obama - Biden are pro choice.  They say they are.  Romney - Ryan say that they are pro life.  They say they are.  Wow! Let's vote for them.  The bishops say that Ryan is a good Catholic.  OK!  Let's vote for Romney - Ryan.
To all of that, I say, plainly, simply and forcefully, Stercus Taurorum.
Of the four people involved to a meaningful degree in this presidential contest, there is not a single pro lifer in the group.  There is not one of the four who is against carrying out the direct, deliberate intention of killing or aborting a real human being or a potential human being.  They are, each and every one, in favor of directly aborting a pregnancy in progress.  They each and every one are in favor of war.  They are each and every one in favor of killing terrorists.  Pro-life? Pro-abortion? Pro-choice --- in the absolute, non-politically correct sense of the term --- pro-choice -- yes.
Let's face it, fellow citizens and fellow Catholics, whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, choose a reason other than "Pro-Life" or "Pro-Choice" to vote for the candidate of your liking.
If there are those out there who think that Romney-Ryan are pro-life, disabuse yourselves of that notion.  They are not pro-life.  They are pro-winning the election.  That is their sole purpose in life at this moment.  Just as it is the sole purpose of Obama-Biden.  None of the four, including the two so-called Catholics are totally in favor of the Catholic church's doctrine of forbidding the direct, intentional and deliberate killing of another human being, or potential human being.   Stop deluding yourselves.  Wake up and expand the horizons of your moral universe.  Vote your conscience according to your broader vision of what life is all about.
Life, by the way, is broader than getting the approval of the Catholic Bishops of the United States.