Friday, October 04, 2013


   Paying the federal police
   Feeding a hungry child
   Protecting the country in case of a chemical spill
   Protecting the country by tracking the tropical storm
   Keeping the Dept. of Homeland Security fully functional
   Keeping Federal courts fully operational (they do have a backlog)
   Keeping the EEOC open
   Keeping the Import-Export bank open
   Keeping the FCC open
   Keeping the FederalElection Commission open
   Keeping the NLRA open
   Keeping the Maritime Commission open
   Keeping the Mine Safety Inspection agency open
   Keeping the Federal Trade Commission open
   Keeping the International Boundary commission open
   Keeping the NLRB open
   Keeping OSHA open and running
   Keeping the Office of Government Ethics operational (Really?)
   Keeping the Postal Service Inspector General on the job
   Keeping the USDA fully functional

I have noticed one thing over the last three days.  
A steady stream of Republican party, Washington DC humanoid specimens imposing a high, obstreperous, foot stamping, high pitch voice whining, sight and sound polluting infantile foot stomping behavior at the fact that they can't get their poor constituents into the very parks that they, themselves have shut down.
There are two things that twist in my craw about this. First is that none of them seems to give a damn about the financial harm that this situation is inflicting on hundreds of thousands of "simple people" in this country who have a lot more to worry about than the padlocked gate of a federal monument. I, for one have never set foot on one solitary square inch of Washington DC, and I don't consider myself to be any the worse for wear because of it.
Second.  I find myself deeply troubled by the fact that these idiots have time to take the opportunity to make news outside the gates of a park when they should be in the halls of their legislative chambers doing something about relieving the country from this cancer that they have implanted on it.  I wonder where the Democrats are at this time.  I haven't seen a one of them grandstanding for the cameras lately.  Have you?

I am very happy that these humanoid denizens from the sulphuric depths of Hades are on the bricks.  I plan to do what little I can to make them stay there for a long time. 

I have never belonged to a political party.  I have absolutely no intention of ever being identified as a member of one.  I vote in every election and I have never voted a straight ticket in 50 years.  I have decided that in the future I will never again vote for anyone.  The next two times I vote I will be voting against every single incumbent on the ticket...Every one.  Indiscriminately.  I will do that because I have decided to have some fun in my advancing age.  What the hell, we don't have a government anyway, we have a sandbox for children who want rich people to pay them and tell them what to do while they play in the sandbox.  Sometimes I wish that someone would run on the dictator ticket.  That would accomplish a few things. It would make the small government, war mongering wing nuts happy and keep the socialist democrats quiet because more than likely we would then get the single payer health care system that we need and that would really work.

For the time being, I suppose that I am going to have to suffer with our third world version of a health care system called medicare, and live in a country that has one of the most highly sophisticated legal bribery systems on the planet.

Oh, by the way, don't forget to vote against raising the debt limit.  That will really be the seed of the birth of the "Hello there, I'm Mephistophiles and I want to be your first friendly dictator.  Please vote for me."