Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Rahab the madam, Joshua 2
Let me just say that soldiers, spies, secret service assets and many, many more assets are always on the lookout for female assets, paid or otherwise. What do we expect of our paid, non uniformed, para-military goons when they find themselves in a country with legalized prostitution?  It's so normal and so "natural" that we haven't heard a single syllable about "fire the idiots." Even the president of the country has not come down on these miscreants. Everyone I hear is saying a version of, "We're investigating the situation."  How sweet!  How long do we have to wait until a plot to kill the president of the US comes to light, or God help us, to fruition, thanks to a leak due to an act of intemperance with a paid operative of  a foreign government, paid for by an unpaid idiot from the US?  Oh, wait, I forgot. What these guys were actually doing was pulling a stunt from the Bible. The spies go to the friendly madam who saves them and is converted to the point where she makes it into the genealogy of Jesus Himself.  That's what our guys were doing. They went into this gig with their Bibles and their blessings from Papa Joshua so that the president would be protected.  The "ladies" were insulation against the bad guys.  Our guys just paid them double to keep the bad guys occupied while our Commander-in-Chief was on their soil.  You'll see.  Someone will come up with this defense.  It will go down in the books as the Joshua 2 defense.  No kidding.  You'll see.  Heee.
Enjoy it, this is the only place where you will get this kind of information about this caper.