Sunday, November 04, 2012


The other day I was listening to PBS and there was an interview in progress.  It was a woman who was being interviewed and she was being addressed as "actor."
A week or so before that I heard a woman being called a "hero."
Now look, I am here to tell you that the world is now officially dismantled beyond repair.  I want to know since when women have become "actors" and "heroes."  I also want to know why it is that we can talk about; show about; bandy about; write about; flaunt SEX all day long except when it comes to asking me what my "sex" is. It just so happens that neither I nor any other human being has "gender."  I want to know why we just can't have another "big bang" so that we can start all over again.  I do not have any "gender."  I have sex, and I can prove it.  I do not exist in a grammar book.  I am right here in your face.  For all of you on the face of the earth, let me tell you gently, but irretrievably non-negotiably, I am of the MALE SEX.  Learn it once and for all and join the human race.

On a different note, but not less agitating.  If one more Catholic priest jumps down my throat because I voted for Obama with the retort, "Don't you know that Obama is pro-abortion all the way?  You had to vote for Romney", he had better be sure that I am un-armed.  There have been at least ten of them, to date who have told me that.  They are all off the chart stupid buffoons.  Romney and Ryan are on public record as being pro-abortion too.  Abortion is ABORTION, dammit!  One of the clowns had the temerity to ask me if I knew about the 15,000,000 Evangelicals. If I did know about  them it wouldn't faze me, I retorted, I'm Catholic.  I also know that Romney and Ryan have said that they support legal abortion...right there on TV for crying out loud.

I swear, if you want to know the IQ of the level of the people who vote in this country just talk to one of them for two minutes.  By the time the 120 seconds run out you'll be more than convinced that the quotient will not surpass room temperature.

Do I vote?  Of course I vote.  Does it matter for whom I vote?  Of course not.  So why do I vote?  Here I will repeat myself from an earlier article... I vote so that I retain my right to complain.  Don't forget it.

So, vote for the guys who will outlaw Roe v Wade.  They will do us all a favor by sending the abortion industry back to the old ladies with the knitting needles.  That will cure the problem.