Friday, October 17, 2014


This is Katrina all over again.  Ray Nagin lives!  Quick, circle the busses.  Shut down the escape routes so that people can't get in, or out.  Can't let escaping people go the wrong way on a freeway that is not being traveled now can we?  
I think of the government agents who were ignored  when they warned central HDQTRS that there was a danger that airplanes would be used to wreak havoc in our air. (Ooopss, those are alarmist conspiracy theories, right?)  Yep.  3,000 souls later the inept buffoons who should have taken the alarms seriously have to have some explanation.

So now that we have one misdiagnosed African dead and two of his nurses dying (maybe) we suddently realize that this is serious.  So, instead of analyzing the facts, studying the logic and the logistics, we find our elected buffoons running for the solution that is the easiest and the most visible, and the most stupid ... stop travel to and from West Africa.  Why?  Because in the United States, every problem can be solved by an easy mechanical fix.  Everything, from cancer to ebola.  From radiology to airplanes.  From the voting box to gerrymandering.  From religious persecutions to vicious and cruel dictatorships we propose the military solution.  Oh, yeah. Bomb 'em back to the middle ages.  It's simple.  Just ask Senator John McCain.

We don't need alarmists who tell us that the planet is going to burn up.  It'll never get to that point.  It's pure hogwash.  
So to keep the alarmists happy. We devise cap and trade.  That wonderful bait and switch policy that says that I'll buy your share of the clean air left over from your production by-product that goes into the atmosphere  so that I can keep pouring the same amount of my garbage dross into the atmosphere.  That'll fix it.  The sea level will never rise if we do this right.  (e.g. I pay you enough.)

Oh, we gotta get back to the airplane story.  

The brilliant dropout from the Rhodes scholar program, you know the one, the illustrious ex-candidate for president from Texas.  You know, the one who got to keep his job as governor of that illustrious state?  He's all in favor of grounding the airplanes.  What is he going to do when the ship carrying a potential ebola patient wants to drop anchor in Galveston?  That's gonna be a good one.  You going to put wings on that one so he can't unload on your soil?  Mexico turned him away.  Show some testosterone Rick.  Live up to your convictions.  Be tough.  Contribute to the solution of the problem with the tactic that you propose.  Oh, I nearly forgot, this is not an African, Rick, this is a real, warm blooded Texan.  I know.  Send them to the CDC in Atlanta. Do they have a deep water port there?

Naw, never mind, Rick, I know that as a true politician you're going to remind me that ships don't fly.  

Yes, my fellow citizens, we have some cultural traits that should prove to us that our exceptional arrogance about our summa cum laude exceptionalism is buffoonery at its best.

Me, the Crusty Kurmujjin

PS:  Anonymous, thanks for giving me the inspiration for this response to your comment.


The leaders of Siera Leone, Liberia, Guinea and Senegal have instituted a complete and total shutdown of travel from their country to the United States.  
The ban was enacted because it was deemed too dangerous for the people of the region to take the chance of being exposed to ebola while in the United States.  The frightened Western Africans were driven to their decree by the extraordinary and exceptionally high percentage of transferal of the disease in the continental United States.
It is exceptionally remarkable that in the United States total ineptitude is rampant in the presence of the disease.  The statistics of death and contagion are exceedingly frightening in the light of recent events. One Western African ebola patient was initialy misdiagnosed when he first presented himself to the professional medical practitioners at a hospital emergency room intake area in the great state of Texas.  When he returned two days later, his condition had deteriorated so badly that it was but a matter of time before he succumbed to the onslaught of the merciless virus.
In the process of treating the poor victim, two of the nurses who worked to try to save him were infected in the process and are now fighting for their own lives.

The Western African nations in question where thousands of ebola patients are presently awaiting the quasi inevitable outcome of their condition despite the best efforts of their care givers are not only afraid to come to the United States but are being forbidden to do so because of the patent ineptitude of the medical community of the country.  There is a fear that the ratio of death and contamination displayed by the health care profession of the United States would contribute to the decimation of the Western African population.  The U.S. citizens already in Western Africa are being held there by the ban in a humanitarian effort to protect them from the dangers that they face at home.

This is a first rate case of American Exceptionalism on display.

Monday, September 29, 2014


The following is not necessarily the thoughts and opinions of the
person sending this, and is not endorsed or paid for by *Sender* !!
                                                                   Hehehehe !!
It is none of  your business whether I am speaking my own
personal opinion or not, so I do not care whether or not you
feel resentment over the contents of this blog post or any other.
If you don't like it, contact me and call me out personally after 
announcing your full and true identity and OWN what comes out
of  your mouth, what is crafted by your pen or vomitted from your keyboard.

Yeah, I love disclaimers, both the noun that names the little paragraph above the garbage that follows it and the 
DISCLAIMOR who lacks the testosterone to own what is produced.  
If you don't want to own it, don't produce it.  Don't tell me that "I didn't write this.  An anonymous being from somewhere on the planet sent it to my email and so here it is for whatever it is worth."  Every time you do that, you diminish yourself, you know.  Not only that, you also diminish the receiver by showing that you think that the receiver isn't smart enough to know that by hiding behind something you think is good but might cause a negative reaction, that you are weak and not strong enough to defend your very own opinion.  

Let me tell you my personal experience, a true life story.
When I get these anonymous "forwards" full of innuendo, downright inaccuracies, lying judgments and very often open expressions of  near total ignorance caused by an absence of  basic grammar school knowledge, I answer them with factual corrections and the occasional personal insult of the "forwardor."  It works!  My email inbox has been quasi free of such stercus taurorum over the last few years.  A lot of the weight has been lost due to the fact that my "friends" and relatives, yes, relatives, have found out that I suffer invincibly ignorant Bozos with zero tolerance. In their fear of a resulting correction and call to a more balanced exchange of ideas and facts and their interaction, they back off because they are only interested in the acidic invective of discrimination, exclusivism, ignorant exceptionalism and not the sweet taste of truth.  Why has my email in-box lightened?  Because not one single brilliant author or brazen "forwardor" of crass material ever had the gumption to own the stated points of view and engage in a straightforward, intellectually honest exchange. They have all, 100% of them, decided to crawl back into their mole hole.

So, if you want to get me to respect you, own who you are. There are people whom I know but do not like and still have a decent relationship with.  Why?  Because I respect them and they respect me in the basic truth that we hold differing positions about certain facts based on our different acceptance of the truth, but that we are not afraid to live with it and pronounce it to one and all, no matter what.

That's why, when I die, don't cry at my funeral because you know that you will be happy that I have finally been put in a box for good -- with no disclaimer.

Monday, July 07, 2014


No, this is not an awkward moment.  You can start disliking me or downright hating me as of now without feeling bad about it.

I do not think that dogs should hold the pre-eminent social acceptance that they do in this country.  This has been filling my craw since the vicious attack on the immigrant people in Murrieta, California, a short 18 miles from where I live and work.  I know and you know that there were people reviling the people on the bus.  Those on the bus were no doubt holding and protecting children.  Among those yelling and screaming insults were some who have dogs for which they care more than they do for fellow human beings.  Especially children!  Yuk! 
In fact, if they had to buy children, they wouldn't do it.  After all, children are silly humans who grow up to be idiotic humans who jump on buses after walking 1,000 miles to come here to steal our jobs.  Especially the ones that we don't want to do anyway.  It's much more consoling and humanly fulfilling to pay $500.00 for a good dog that will die after 10 years and make you mourn for a year that he died so young.  
...Yeah, and by the way, the dog never learned how to talk, never learned how to open the door, never learned how to use the toilet bowl, sweep the floor, wash or wipe the dishes and a few other trivial things like that.  Oooppsss, I forgot that the dog never really learned how make the bed.  I never did meet a dog who could learn how to take all 25 possible points of a pinochle hand, or seven no trump in bridge.  

Actually, I like dogs.  I prefer them barbecued, sauced and glazed with fiery pepper with a nice heavy local red wine at about 19 - 22% by volume.  Have to have nice steamed rice and stir fried bitter melon mixed with squash flowers and banana hearts.  Onions raw, on the side.  Yep, that's the way I like my dog.

The world would be better off without all these useless dogs and cats.  I have written a lot about how to solve some of the world's hunger problems.  Here's one sample from '07

Final thought:  Some of you say that you are pro-life.  I hate that term because it doesn't mean anything other than the life in the womb.  If you're an immigrant on a bus, you don't get to live better and neither does your young child because you're out of the womb now so I can make you suffer all I want...So long as I stay happy.  Hell, it's my body and I'll do what I want with it.  Besides, I want to save my river of tears for when FIDO dies.

So, you all, hate me enough so that you won't feel the need to come to my funeral.  Cry for your dog, not for me.

Sunday, May 18, 2014



Therefore, all you politicians, pundits, publishers and prostituted prevaricators should look in the mirror.  There you will see the root cause of what you euphemistically describe as a system that is broken.

That is quintessential stercus taurorum.

It is the United States' national pastime to pass laws first so that the special interests who don't like the law that is passed will funnel more bribe money into the government so that the law will go unenforced and after a decade or so be tagged as broken because two rich guys are bribing the life out of it.  

Mr and Mrs Politician will then blame the rich guys for throwing so much money around that the ones greedily getting the money in a frenzy of venal avarice have neither the time nor the will to govern.  

So, all you pretzel bent, corkscrew twisted hand-wringing shards of the broken government rest assured that we of the used and abused hoi-poll-oi are on to you.  It would be nice to be able to escape to the moon or some such other place, perhaps even another galaxy.  There we would at least have the joy of being the source of wonderment at being so awfully EG (extra-galactic) that we might nearly forget where we came from and why we left in the first place.

So, Mr and Mrs Politician.  The government is not broken.  It's being waterboarded by you all.  If you were all  true servants of the people, the Koch brothers and the rest of the plutocracy would have no power.  But your insatiable appetite for more, drives you to help them redistribute their wealth in your direction in exchange for whatever favors you can throw their way.   

That's not "broken government" it is "immoral government."  Legal, yes, but as any 1st year philosophy student will tell you, "legal" does not equate with "moral."