Friday, October 17, 2014


The leaders of Siera Leone, Liberia, Guinea and Senegal have instituted a complete and total shutdown of travel from their country to the United States.  
The ban was enacted because it was deemed too dangerous for the people of the region to take the chance of being exposed to ebola while in the United States.  The frightened Western Africans were driven to their decree by the extraordinary and exceptionally high percentage of transferal of the disease in the continental United States.
It is exceptionally remarkable that in the United States total ineptitude is rampant in the presence of the disease.  The statistics of death and contagion are exceedingly frightening in the light of recent events. One Western African ebola patient was initialy misdiagnosed when he first presented himself to the professional medical practitioners at a hospital emergency room intake area in the great state of Texas.  When he returned two days later, his condition had deteriorated so badly that it was but a matter of time before he succumbed to the onslaught of the merciless virus.
In the process of treating the poor victim, two of the nurses who worked to try to save him were infected in the process and are now fighting for their own lives.

The Western African nations in question where thousands of ebola patients are presently awaiting the quasi inevitable outcome of their condition despite the best efforts of their care givers are not only afraid to come to the United States but are being forbidden to do so because of the patent ineptitude of the medical community of the country.  There is a fear that the ratio of death and contamination displayed by the health care profession of the United States would contribute to the decimation of the Western African population.  The U.S. citizens already in Western Africa are being held there by the ban in a humanitarian effort to protect them from the dangers that they face at home.

This is a first rate case of American Exceptionalism on display.
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