Sunday, August 12, 2012


It all started before I got there.  Two friends were talking about the fact that it is possible that Mitt Romney had not paid any income tax for ten years.  They both were divided on the fact that more than likely, practically assuredly, there had been no laws broken. BUT, one would still vote for the guy but the other not.  I joined in and said that I would be damned if I would  vote to pay a guy's salary who had not shared in the paying of the salary of at least two presidents before him.  Who had not paid a dime towards the wars that had been declared during those years while I had.  I think that it is immoral to expect me to pay your salary when you ducked out of your responsibility, legally, of course to pay for previous presidents' salary and the wars that they declared.  I will not vote for that.
A dear friend of mine said that the only vote that counts is the one that goes into the ballot box.  I told him that if he believes that, he is naive.  He was hurt.
I walked away because I was called to other venues.  Nevertheless, here's why I believe that he is naive:
1. Grover Norquist votes every time someone who signed his "contract" votes.
2. Jamie Dimond votes every time someone to whom who his group has contributed $1,000,000 dollars votes...and there are many
3. The Koch brothers vote every time someone they support votes...and there are many
4. Every time someone who is supported by Big Pharma votes...Big Pharma votes too
5. Every time someone who is supported by Big Comm votes...Big Comm votes too
6. Every time someone who is supported by Big Oil votes...Big Oil votes too
7. Every time someone who is suported by Big Agri votes...Big Agri votes too

I don't have to go on.  You and I know that we are being out-voted.  Every time a vote is announced in the House or the Senate, the money flows and so goes the, money, so goes the vote.  Why?
Easy.  Job security.  The elected need to run for election.  So the bribery system in the United States is constructed around the "Campaign Contribution."  Your elected "representatives" do not represent you, they represent themselves and their families so that they can continue to be employed.  Yes, this is true.  Every politician is bought and paid for... and not in the ballot box.
So, we have the grand total of one vote  and those who can afford to buy the politicians can vote every time their puppet votes.

I do not belong to a political party.  I have staunchly refused to join a union.  I vote in every election because I want to assure my right to express my opinion about the results of the election.  I do know that all politicians are immoral.  If you don't vote, shut up.  If you vote, we can talk, but don't try to bullshit me.