Thursday, September 06, 2007

Where is the $93 Million SuperLOTTO Plus Winner?

I KNOW WHERE THE WINNER IS. The winner has gone to the FedEx/Kinko's store and made copies of the winning ticket. The winner has signed the ticket and has rented a safe deposit box at the bank. Then, the smart individual has gone to a reputable law firm and engaged a capable lawyer. The individual is in the process of creating a legal tax protection system before claiming the prize. The individual is having an attorney read all the fine print of the lottery laws, rules and regulations before claiming the prize. The winner is no doubt consulting the attorney of his/her choice about how best to avoid invasions into the bundle by outside interested, family included. The winner is protecting himself/herself from the high pressure tactics of the State of California to make the claim without the protection of a strong, raw- meat-eating lawyer. That's where the winner is. Back off, your invasive tactics are despicable to watch and they betray you for the unethical bunch that you are. Winner, where ever you are, I hope you really are where I say that you are. Best of luck to you.