Saturday, December 31, 2011


The holy state of matrimony is also now under vicious attack by secularism and evil forces both within and without our Church.  How is the holy state of matrimony being attacked?  These are not attacks.  They are denigration, insults, blasphemes and perhaps a few other things, but attacks? No.  My marriage is not being attacked.  The marriages of my children are not being attacked.  The one who is married is not being attacked.;  The one who is not yet married is certainly not being attacked.  So what is all this "attack" business.  Is marriage going to disappear?  Of course not.  Is marriage going to go crumbling into total desuetude because someone is going to insult it so badly that we are all going to quit?  No.  It is total intellectual short-circuiting to think that marriage is going to be destroyed because the state of marriage is being insulted.  It is the apex of idiocy to think that an institution as closely related to the nature of humans is ever going to fall under the weight of the insults and disparagement and completely crumble.  
Do I agree with homosexual marriage?  No.
Do I think that it attacks the state of my marriage?  No.
Do I think that divorce attacks the state of my marriage?  No
Do I think that institutionalized co-habitation without marriage attacks the state of my marriage?  No.
Do I think that the state has the power and the authority to legalize homosexual marriage?  Yes.
Do I think that the state has the power and the authority to coerce religious groups to perform and legalize homosexual marriages?  No.
People have to open up their ears and listen to what they are saying when they talk about these things.  People have to realize that marriage is a covenant between two people which is ratified by the state.  If the state doesn't want to ratify marriage as a valid object of legislation at certain, or all levels, then the union between two people depends on the consent of the two people involved.   It is not the state (nor the Church) that creates marriage and then is able to dissolve it.
Never!  It is the two human beings involved with each other and with the consent that they proffer to one other for their mutual welfare who create a marriage...no matter of what sex they are.  It is up to the state to accept the covenant as valid according to the state's outline of who qualifies and who doesn't.  That's it.  Marriage is what it is and no church or government can change its essence.  All they can do is to validate the union or not validate the union.  Churches and governments are nothing but ratifiers of a personal covenant that creates a stable union between two human beings who freely and mutually consent to the union.  Period.

Monday, December 19, 2011


Justin Bieber: My Mom Never Let Me Believe in Santa Claus!
By Billy Johnson, Jr. | Stop The Presses! – 14 hours ago
Justin Bieber
"Bah humbug!
"With Christmas just one week away, Justin Bieber isn't planning to head to bed early Dec. 24 to await the arrival of Santa Claus. In fact, the teen pop phenom says he's never believed in the man in the big red suit!
"My mom always told me there wasn't a Santa,' Bieber says in a new interview with AOL Music. 'This was her logic: She thought if I grew up knowing about Santa then finding out he wasn't real, that it would be like she was lying to me. And then when she told me about God, I maybe wouldn't believe her'."
Oh gosh!  What a miserable mother!  
As I write this there are 4,111 comments on this article.  This is the vilest desecration of Christmas that has come under my gaze for quite some time.  The idiocy of the world is totally unfathomable.  The Philippine Trench has been plumbed.  The invincible ignorance of the denizens that populate the planet defies all human methods of metering.  We have gone from Christmas to "holidays", from Thanksgiving to "turkey day" and it defies the imagination where we are headed with Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day what with the disappearance of SEX in favor of "gender" I'm sure that the concept of Mother and Father will degenerate down to "lessor" and "lessee."
I was about 8 years old when I discovered that Santa Claus is a fraud.  I told my parents and they swore me to "caution" although not to secrecy in relation to my younger siblings [4].  You are not shaking your head and saying, "Yeah, he's crazy because he didn't believe in Santa.  Now look at him, writing on the Internet in anonymity, hiding his mental perversity from the world all the while foisting his acrimony on it."  Let me tell you, there's more.  I have two children and I forbade them to fall for the "Santa claptrap."  In my warped concept of the world, I was not going to allow my boys to give credit to a phantasmagorical, omniscient en-slaver of elves, leprechauns, ansisit, etc when I was someone's else's "elf" constructing their lives.  No sireee, not meee.
Will the world give us back our SEX? Our Thanksgiving?  Our Christmas?  It's up to us.
There are a couple of things that I have written about this subject in a more polite tone.  If you click here and then click here you be able to enjoy them...maybe.
Now that they know how I feel about this Santa business, the way I treated my children and all that anyone will write about me?  
We know the answer to that one.  
On top of it all, I know that there will not be 4,111 comments to this screed.
Happy Jesus' birthday to you all, and to all a big smile...and don't forget that my favorite cookies are Oatmeal / Raisin.  
Also, I'm a neat freak, so clean the chimney flume, you've get less than a week.  And don't forget the fresh mistletoe and a nice new nightgown for the Missus.  Oh, BTW, lock the upstairs bedroom for crying out loud.  The low-hanging limbs over your roof are a hazard for Rudolph.  Do I have to call OSHA on you, for Pete's sake?  You'd think that you would have more respect for an old guy who has to circumnavigate the planet in all directions in one night.  If you can sell this crock of cockamamie hash, why aren't you a millionaire?  Then you could give me a pass.
Santa Claus! Sheeesh!  Why do parents perpetuate this LIE?
Yes, that means YOU.