Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Don't you just love it, "counter associates?" Of course you do. It is a sign in the window of one of the largest delivery services in the world. They are looking for "counter associates." I saw it and I laughed because I knew that they did not know what they were communicating to the world. They thought that we would think that they were looking for dedicated employees who were willing to do a good job for them. Actually, the sign says more truth than they imagine.

"Counter associates" are exactly what they will get. They will get people who are comfortable being in an adversarial relationship with the company. They will not be good employees of the company. They will be associates of the company who will counter the terms and conditions of the company with the demands of the union to which they will be coerced to belong. The new "counter associates" are in for some first hand lessons in adversarial relationships since they will be working next door to the supermarket that has one of the most vitriolic relationships known to man with its "counter associates".

It's going to be fun to watch.