Friday, December 25, 2015


Hey, Donald, don't forget to plan to extend
 your wall across the Pacific Ocean
Yes, fellow Americans and fellow inhabitants of planet earth, there are human beings in this world who are attracting a lot of media attention, and therefore, free publicity under the guise of running for the office of the President of the United States.  The way I count them they are:
Donald Trump who is writing a new reality Television show as he goes along.
Dr. Ben Carson who is writing the first draft of another book as he goes around promoting his latest one.
Marco Rubio who is hoping to be president so that he can delegate a vice-president to be present at the office for the 45% of the time that Marco will be enjoying other pursuits.
Ted Cruz who wants to be president because he thinks that all he will have to do is to snap his CEO fingers and get what he wants, not what the country needs, or wants for that matter.
Jeb Bush who is running bcause his family is forcing him to do so, and he looks and acts it.
Carly Fiorina who is running because she is still unempoyed after being fired from her previous employment, five years ago.
There are many others in the "race," but they are not really worth mentioning.

Not one of these people is serious about wanting to be the president of the country.  Not one of these people cares about the welfare of the United States or any other country for that matter.  All they care about is the "fame" (the brand?) that they are building for having "run" for the office.  None of them is serious.  Donald is getting the most publicity because he has the most experience in how to get the media to notice him.  He doesn't "attack" the media.  He strums them like a $15.00 ukelele.  He and his cohort are all playing to the cameras, not really being serious in exposing their true convictions about what being the president of the United States really means.

We've heard many statements that are devoid of any mature, adult impact.  Everything from deporting 11 million undocumented people, to making the presidency of the United States out of bounds for Muslims, carpet bombing vast areas of countries and childishly mocking a candidate for the presidency who was a minute or so late in returning to the debate podium due to a rest room break.  None of this can be serious, and it isn't.  It is all an early April Fool's ploy to attract attention.

I am writing this at this time because in many countries around the world, December 28 is a day of light hearted prank playing.  Children get to stick their tongue out at their elders, fail to call the priest "Father" and other such silliness on the commemoration of the "Holy Innocents."  This year, we are all being "sassed"by the presidential "candidates" preparing for the election of November, 2016.  They are not candidates, they are shrewd stand-up comedians preparing very lucrative future endeavors that will provide the warm and furry lining to their already well stuffed pockets.  It is also for this reason that they are spending so little "campaign contribution bribe money."  It frees them from having to report back to the government what they have spent, other than to claim the tax deductions.  It also frees them from having to account for their expenses to those who would have a claim against their favors.  

How do I come to that conclusion?  For me it is very easy.  I notice that not a single one of these clowns ever bothers to speak to the world.  They are careful to curry the favor of their white, blue collar "base" and no one else.  (Verify this by paying attention to the pictures you see on television.) They are convinced that if it "plays well in Peoria" it will generate income in Hollywood.  They care not a single syllable about what the rest of the world thinks.  They forge ahead as though the rest of the world did not exist.  It doesn't matter to them because they are not running to better the United States' position in the world.  They are investing their efforts in the potential of the blue collar audience for their TV and Book income.  They don't care one whit about anyone outside the white, English speaking, blue collar base because they know that this is their future audience, their future meal ticket.  

I am telling you, they are not fooling me.  Believe me or not, they are not fools...they are scheming, conniving snake oil salesmen with a plan.  Not a plan for the country.  A plan for their early retirement at our expense.