Thursday, June 18, 2015


...And Charleston?
I got this in an email on June 11 from an acquaintance - Subject line was: "COMPARISON"

I sent this response:

"I get a lot of this kind of unchristian, un-Catholic hatred from you.  I suggest that you have a serious talk with the God of Love, in whom I presume you still believe.  
You realize, of course, that I am a white guy."

I can't help but ask myself how the sender and people like him feel after this last episode in South Carolina.  Of course, we white people can go to church and not be too worried about getting mowed down by one of our own...Hell, we don't even have to worry about being mowed down by anybody while we are in church.  So I am telling you, one and all, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Christian, non-Christian, Hindu or Atheist, "I won't tell you to take me off your "forward" list, but you had better be assured that if you send me something full of animalistic hatred you have to be ready for an answer.  
Yes, I am an asshole with a sharp tongue.  I am proud that I am an equal opportunity asshole.  I am also proud that I am a God fearing asshole who respects all the animals and the plants in the world that He created and for which He died.  So...
Look at yourself in the mirror and see who you are...now look inside and see if you're ready to die, assured that you are dying in the shadow of God's love.

If you enjoy sending hatred instead of love around the world, maybe, just maybe, you really aren't ready to die just yet.

When I die, reread this and you won't be tempted to cry.

PS: Ever notice that so many mass murderers are white males?
You can look it up.