Friday, June 08, 2012


Mr. Obama.  This is your last chance at redemption.  This is your last chance to give Grover Norquist and his disciples their well-deserved kick in the crotch.  I, and many Americans who voted for you are wondering when you are going to gird your loins and throw your weight around and get rid of your adversaries.  We are starting to get the definite impression that you like having them around.  I don't blame you, in a way.  They are just like a nagging wife.  They keep reminding you about how they are not going to vote for the next thing that comes up to a deadline.  So you already know what you have to do.  What really gags us is the way you buckle under to them.  You have not once used the weight and leverage of your position to get anything done that WE want you to do.  You have even backed down on stuff that you said that you wanted done.  On this blog alone, I have written some very disparaging things about you.  Well-deserved, I might add.  Now I hear Boehner and Kantor threatening you again about the Bush tax cuts.  You know, the ones that had a ten year life span.  Yep, you caved.  The sun that was supposed to set on that one, rose again.  So, the Republicans gambled and should have lost, but you handed them the win.  You HAVE to stop this crap.  Defeat them.  We want you to defeat them.  Put an end to the Bush tax cuts for EVERYONE.  Wake up, Sir.  The facts are the facts.  The country of fair play and rule of law knows that when a law expires, it expires.  It is only the slick, oily types who try to squirm by the fact that they gambled and lost.  Taking the emotion out of it, look at it this way.
Remember this? πάντα χωρεῖ καὶ οὐδὲν μένει,'everything flows and nothing is left unchanged'
Did all of the well-educated, august members of the government who voted for a law with a ten year life span forget this unalterable truth about the universe?  Did they all of a sudden get "tsunami-ed" by this calamitous brain cramp?  Things change, gentlemen.  The sun never sets on the same planet that it visited during the day.  You all know that.  Barack Obama, you graduated from Harvard.  Prove to us that you actually learned something there.  So far you have not done a very good job of that.  These tax cuts have to die.  Grover Norquist and his minions have to be put in their place...back in his vest pocket where they belong.  And remember, I said the cuts go across the board -- to everyone.  NO EXCEPTIONS. Fair play.  Rule of law.
But of course, we know that you are all politicians.  So the truth that you espouse today, is relative, and therefore, exempt from the centuries old law of πάντα χωρεῖ.
I voted for you, Mr. Obama.  The reasons for that are many,  but some of them can be found here.  http://fourinchdevil.blogspot.com/2008/10/why-i-didnt-vote-for-john-mccain.html
I voted for you in '08.  Chances are very slim that I will repeat that mistake this year.  Mistake?  You bet.
1.You took the single payer option off the table before the debate even started
2.Refused to change the law that prohibits the US government to negotiate drug prices with "big pharma."
3.The "Colchicine" bribery idiocy.
4.The contraceptive buffoonery.
5.Yes, I remember the Patriot Act vote to allow big Communications to spy on us
6. I also remember Guantanamo
7. I have Afghanistan in mind -- and your sweet bow to the mercenaries in Iraq, and Somalia as well.
8. Your sweet kiss to the "mooning" Republicans when you should have kicked their ass [not kissed it] into the boards and let them shut the government down.
Yeah, Mr. President, I was hoping that you would be the antidote to GW Bush.  He was all balls and no brains.  You, on the other hand, have a brain but no balls.  Three years ago you said publicly that you just might be a one term president.  Don't deny it, it's on tape.  The convention is approaching.  Why don't you consider giving Hilary Clinton the baton.  She and Bill will get things done.  They will not let McConnel, Kantor and Boehner cow them into oblivion.
a. Stop weeping and whining about what you inherted and DO something.
b. Let the sun set on the Bush Tax Cuts for EVERYONE.  We understand fair play.
c. Close Guantanamo.
d. Fire all the XE mercenaries.
e. Recall all the carpet bagging contractors.
f. Give Catholics a pass,  The US can't afford social services without them.
g. Let the Republicans shut the government down.
h. Make the electorate hate Norquist and his minions.
i. You can't reform the tax code, but you can get the wheels in motion.  Do it.
j. Be careful with your drone attacks.  You're approaching the edge, I think.  Maybe not here at home, but elsewhere.
k. Don't jeopardize your stellar foreign policy record.  President Hilary and Sec. of State Willy would be a nice team.  Now, them I would vote for.

You're out of your league in the Oval Office.  

Paul Dion