Wednesday, February 09, 2011


I gotta tell ya, life is really strange.  I look around and I try to see what other human beings know after all the time we have been in existence.  I have to say that I am not impressed.  The President of Egypt has me thinking these days about this stuff.  Then there's a guy on television who is spouting venom and laying out a conspiracy that he dreamed when he found out that the "world powers" had decided not to bomb Babylon.  Where is that, these days?  Is it Tehran or is it Baghdad?  And what does it matter than one people has a caliphate and another doesn't?  I mean, there are different sizes of caliphate, right?  I can think of one or two situations that could resemble caliphates and no one seems to be jumping up and down about them.  And who is the pretender to the throne of this imaginary caliphate?  Isn't Osama on dialysis or something?  So there is a decision not to bomb Babylon.  Big deal.  There was a decision not to bomb Rome too.  There was a decision to spare Paris and perhaps other points of interest that I can;t remember off the top of my head.  Those decisions really ruined our world, didn't they?
The other thing is this Mubarak in Cairo.  Now there's a pinhead if ever one existed.  Imagine the president of a country that has been civilized for about 10,000 years, and he can't figure out that he should just take the money and run?  Haven't there been enough uprisings in Egypt over the time of its civilization when the Pharaohs and others of their ilk got the message and left?  How invincible can one man's ignorance get?  I confess, I just don't get it.  Power has got to be the greatest intoxicant in existence.  How many "news cycles" is it going to take to convince this potentate that his Cialis has run out?  There's not an intravenous dose that could save anything at this time.  10,000 years of civilization; one silly, intoxicated dictator and he hangs on to his jewels to prove his testosterone level is still in charge?
Then, finally I get emails all the time from Catholics who predict the end of the world as we know it at the hands of the Jihadist Moslems.  It seems that every word that is printed by the Moslems is sent around the world in the effort to instill fear or perhaps even jingoism in Christians so that a new Crusade can be born.
Anyone who reads the Bible should know that the Hebrews (Jews) have been blessed by YWH for tens of centuries; Christians have been blessed by the same God for twenty centuries and there are Divine Covenants to back it up.  Why don't I get emails telling me that?  Why should I fear this Mohammed?  Why should I slink into my corner and worry about his Allah?  I refuse and I will continue to refuse.  I will side with the remnant.  I will remember that the "gates of hell will not prevail", not matter how insidious they become.  Remember, the Moslems have not been around as long as we have.  Why did it take them until six hundred years after God's Mission here on earth to assert themselves?  I think it is because they are not truly from the Divine God but from the warped mind of Mohammed.
So, Christians, where are you going to derive your strength?  To the Well of the Divine Covenants or to the Well of Fear instilled by the sword?  I have chosen.  Now it is your turn.