Friday, July 29, 2011


You, dear hearts are WRONG.  These people from Massachusetts were rebelling against "taxation without representation."  Besides, the taxation was coming from a government from which they had escaped because of its religious intolerance.  Where do you Bozos fall on this graph?  You have taxation WITH representation and you have taxation that respects your religious convictions.  You also have taxation that gives you benefits at the time of retirement and irreversible malady.  Are you forgetting that without taxation the country of your dreams will fail and fall into decrepitude and finally, be colonialized by another power who will tax you again, without representation?  China is right there, stage left.  Ready.
So, Tea Party, Norquist Disciples, Obama Democrats, Reaganites, Bushites, lovers of Bill Clinton, et al, make up your mind.  Do you want to remain sovereign or do you want to be forced to pay Communist Chinese taxes?
To remain sovereign here is what you must do, in my opinion.
Starting with the debt ceiling, just to be current in our thinking.
1. The debt ceiling must, by law, never exceed 30% of revenue.
2. Institute in the next 15 years a Value Added Tax system
    12% to the Feds on all goods and services except for houses (1st one) and the 1st vehicle and        monthly utilities
    8% to the state on all goods and services with the same exceptions as above
3. No tax exemptions to anyone, for any reason
4. 7% income tax to individuals for Social Security
5. 4% income tax to individuals for Medicare
6. 7% matching funds tax on employers for employee social security
7. 4% matching funds tax on employers for employee medicare
8. 12% Fed.Capital gains tax annually for corporations and privately held and closely held companies
9. 8% State Capital gains tax yearly for corporations and private and closely held companies
10. Income derived from Federal and State bonds is exempt from capital gains tax
11. 12% Federal Inheritance tax
12. 8% State Inheritance tax
13. 12% Federal Income tax on "windfall", bonus income.  Lottery winnings included. Giver not taxed
14. 8% State Income tax on "windfall", bonus income.  Includes Lottery winnings.  Giver not taxed
15. No Federal or State subsidies for established industries, eg Oil, Pharm, Comm, Finance, Insure, Trans, Electric, Agri, Auto
16. Abolish pre-emptive warfare.  Stop non productive actual and contemporary wars
17. Diminish IRS personnel to accommodate above changes
18. Abolish all government employee unions, federal and state
19. Limit executive corporate salary to 50 times wages of lowest paid employee
20. Limit elected government seat holder salary & benes to 35 times fed min wage (Now NTE 550K)
21. Raise reduced benefit social security age to 66
22. Raise full social security retirement benefit age to 70
23. Include all government employees (Federal and State) on social security/medicare system
24. Zero tolerance on pork barrel insertions

For the present.  Accept the sunset of the "Bush" tax rates while you work at changing the tax environment of the United States.  Wake up and be realistic.  We here in the hinterland don't give a damn about you all and your beyond the Milky Way ideologies.  We elected you to govern.  Not to accept bribes from special interests, sign meaningless, non binding ideological "pledges" and certainly not to drive the country into the ground.  Step by step, talk to one another to solve the problem within a realistic period of time.  You had all better wake up or start to learn Chinese.  Take your pick.