Monday, September 29, 2014


The following is not necessarily the thoughts and opinions of the
person sending this, and is not endorsed or paid for by *Sender* !!
                                                                   Hehehehe !!
It is none of  your business whether I am speaking my own
personal opinion or not, so I do not care whether or not you
feel resentment over the contents of this blog post or any other.
If you don't like it, contact me and call me out personally after 
announcing your full and true identity and OWN what comes out
of  your mouth, what is crafted by your pen or vomitted from your keyboard.

Yeah, I love disclaimers, both the noun that names the little paragraph above the garbage that follows it and the 
DISCLAIMOR who lacks the testosterone to own what is produced.  
If you don't want to own it, don't produce it.  Don't tell me that "I didn't write this.  An anonymous being from somewhere on the planet sent it to my email and so here it is for whatever it is worth."  Every time you do that, you diminish yourself, you know.  Not only that, you also diminish the receiver by showing that you think that the receiver isn't smart enough to know that by hiding behind something you think is good but might cause a negative reaction, that you are weak and not strong enough to defend your very own opinion.  

Let me tell you my personal experience, a true life story.
When I get these anonymous "forwards" full of innuendo, downright inaccuracies, lying judgments and very often open expressions of  near total ignorance caused by an absence of  basic grammar school knowledge, I answer them with factual corrections and the occasional personal insult of the "forwardor."  It works!  My email inbox has been quasi free of such stercus taurorum over the last few years.  A lot of the weight has been lost due to the fact that my "friends" and relatives, yes, relatives, have found out that I suffer invincibly ignorant Bozos with zero tolerance. In their fear of a resulting correction and call to a more balanced exchange of ideas and facts and their interaction, they back off because they are only interested in the acidic invective of discrimination, exclusivism, ignorant exceptionalism and not the sweet taste of truth.  Why has my email in-box lightened?  Because not one single brilliant author or brazen "forwardor" of crass material ever had the gumption to own the stated points of view and engage in a straightforward, intellectually honest exchange. They have all, 100% of them, decided to crawl back into their mole hole.

So, if you want to get me to respect you, own who you are. There are people whom I know but do not like and still have a decent relationship with.  Why?  Because I respect them and they respect me in the basic truth that we hold differing positions about certain facts based on our different acceptance of the truth, but that we are not afraid to live with it and pronounce it to one and all, no matter what.

That's why, when I die, don't cry at my funeral because you know that you will be happy that I have finally been put in a box for good -- with no disclaimer.