Saturday, November 03, 2007

California is looking at sexually malfeasing teachers

Check this out.

ROBERT TANNER and JULIET WILLIAMS AP Writers California lawmakers say they will explore changes in how the state disciplines teachers accused of sexual misconduct.

Now this is interesting for a Catholic like I am. I'm sitting here wondering a couple of things. How is the suspension of the statute of limitations going to be applied against these unionized ne'er do wells? How hard is the state going to attack the perpetrators, living and dead? How many careers is the state willing to ruin within the confines of its own sandbox? It was easy dealing with the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. Rarely were the howitzers turned back on the accusers. In fact, SNAP was formed and Catholics attacked Catholic hierarchy and actually banded together with the accusers. Is that going to happen here? Is this going to give birth to an organization of unionized teachers that will turn against its own in outrage for their pedophilic behavior? Would this organization hunt down the managers and executives who shuffled the sexually active teachers into other posts under false pretenses? Worse, to save the hide of a friend with a smoke-filled back-room sweetheart deal?

I want to thank Mr. Tanner and Ms Williams for their courage in uncovering this secret. All honest people knew that it was not just priests who were molesting children under the color of authority. Trouble is, when it comes to sexual abuse of our underage citizenry, there is very little honesty, just emotional volcanism and groundhog hole diving for protection from casting too long a shadow.

What is going to be interesting here is not just the spectacle of watching the unions scramble for pretexts and excuses to protect their own, but the side show of what is going to be said about the sick behavior of many married people of both sexes who are guilty of this behavior. Who is going to retract the stupid comments that were made by many and sundry that if priests were not celibate males all this would never have occurred? How about all the garbage about homosexual priests acting out in a criminal way? I think no one, because as I noted above, this is not going to be an exercise in finding out cold hard facts but in an emotional scramble to protect the crass hides of the criminally warped purveyors and practitioners of extra-curricular underage sex.

So, I am going to sit back and watch what develops. You've had your fun with the Catholic Priests, now you're going to provide this Catholic with some fun of his own.