Friday, November 20, 2015


...except if your ancestors were transported here from Africa and enslaved...Or your ancestors were found here by the Europeans who caused the words of the Declaration seen here to be promulgated...
Or you're Jewish... Or you're Japanese... Or you're "Mexican..." Or you come from a country where ebola is a possibiity... Or you're from Syria... Or you're Muslim... Or...?  
Now, that's what I call American exceptionalism.  
It's so exceptional that the vast majority of mass murderers who ply their trade in this country are white males.  All they get for the trouble they cause is a bunch of recrimination from the government saying "This has got to stop."  
It does stop...for a couple of weeks if we're lucky.

Now we have the brain trust in Washington calling for a "pause" in the acceptance of refugees during which time no Syrian refugee will be accepted into the USA unless three high officials sign the acceptance, for each individual of any age.  Now, that's equality.  
Here's more equality: One individual who is running for the presidency of the USA compares Muslims to rabid dogs.  One wants to force them to carry a special ID card with their religion and their country of origin noted on it.
It has become a badge of honor for senators and representatives to refer to terrorists as "Radical Islamist Terrorists."

Yep, we are exceptional.  
Nothing to brag about, for damn sure.