Tuesday, December 07, 2010



I didn't want to vote for this guy because he caved in to George Bush and the big telecoms on the wiretapping flap.  You know, "we can snoop on our citizens with impunity."  Surely you remember that!  When B.O. did that I swore then, that I would not vote for him.  Sadly, after that, the campaign got longer and McCain got more and more senile and nastier and nastier so I started to have second thoughts.
One of my second thoughts was, "five years in a Vietnamese war prison surely has not trained this guy for public service.  He sure is not ready to do this job."  Then he proved me right, he took Sarah Palin as a running mate.  So, after eight years of a president who can't even speak the English language, who only wants to play war rather than govern, I decided to vote for B.O.
Yup, I can smell it from here.  Health care?  A total disaster.  Compromise after compromise until it got whittled down to next to nothing without a whimper.  Don't Ask, Don't Tell?  Huh?  What's that?  Guantanamo?  Did I hear you say something about that?  Is that in the northern hemisphere somewhere?  Jobs?  What's the problem?  I got one?  Taxes on the rich?  "Read my lips"...yeah we're reading..."well, we can talk about that."  Bullshit!
We can't talk about that, and here's why.   Ten years ago the Republicans knew that  the sun would set on this one on this date certain, 12/31/2010.  They did it anyway.  They gambled. Teach them to be accountable for their actions.  Let the sun set on it and on them too.  Never mind all the fancy talk about 700 billion dollars' debt over ten years.  Talk about, "you knew the consequences of what you did when you did it.  Now jam your consequences and bring them to hell with you."  What's so hard about that?
Talking about consequences.  One of the consequences of being president is that your hair gets grey fast.  Check yourself out in the mirror tomorrow, sir. You can't compromise that.  One other consequence of your compromising habit is that you have only two more years left in office.  You can't compromise that either.  You want to keep your job?  Start playing hockey and stop playing that girls' game of basketball that you love so much.  All we've had for two years is "jukin' 'n jivin around in our shorts and tanktops."  It's time to strap on the pads and and start cracking some bones against the boards.
Yeah, O.B., you're close to done in my book.  Unless Sarah is running against you in 2012, I'm voting for the other side 'cause you ain't showed me nothin'.
After tonite, yer done, hot dog.  You just compromised yourself outta my life.