Thursday, January 12, 2012


Have any of you ever had the chance to ask the members of congress who rale against socialism why they don't mind having franking privileges?  Do they know or care that what they did last year was to redistribute wealth to the tune of $50,000,000.00?  Do they know or care that if they had paid their own postage costs they could have contributed to the paying of 500 post office employees?
Mary Bono Mack sent a mailer out [paid by me and you, of course] asking what it is that her constituents wanted changed.  Here's what I said.  Forgive all student loans and start over again; institute a fair flat tax system; decree that no CEO can make more than 100 times the annual wages of the lowest paid employee in the company, salary and bonuses together;  remove the franking privilege.  Then, I had to put a stamp on the mail that I sent back to her.  You bet, the same mail for which I had paid for HER to send to ME in the first place.
Now, you perhaps think that this is bad.  Wait, wait, let me tell you one more.  Remember the Series E war bond?  You don't?  That's too bad.  No, wait, maybe it is good.  Know why?  Here's why.  If you still have a $25.00 or $50.00 Series E War Bond from 1944, let's say, and let's say that it is worth $100.00 now.  [This but a hypothetical example.]  When you go to cash it, you will be charged income tax on the gain.  I kid you not.  You help your country by lending it your money.  The country uses your money for its own ends.  It then turns around and takes more of your money on the interest that IT paid you for the privilege of using YOUR money for its own welfare.  Excuse me!  If there ever was an institutionalized insult, that is it.  When this happened to me, I decided right then and there that I would NEVER lend another penny to the USA again.  NEVER.
So, not only do we have to destroy the franking privilege and let the congress people pay for their own mailers, but we have to stop buying "savings bonds."  Let the Chinese buy them.  Let the government run after the Chinese for the tax owed on the gain.
There are some things that governments do that are the zenith of immorality.  These are two of them.