Saturday, September 05, 2015


Presidential campaign, 2015 - 2016 ... There is something there.  I think?
What we know so far, some of it anyway.

* Mexico sends all its worst people here.  They're crafty.
* Mexican women come here to have "anchor babies."
* Obama is the worst president ever.
* Jeb Bush is a low energy person
* Hillary Clinton is the worst Secretary of State ever.
* Going bankrupt is fine because you take advantage of the laws of the country.
* The answer to the immigration "problem" is to deport all illegal immigrants.
* I will build a wall between here and Mexico that Mexico will pay for
* Going to war with Iraq was ...Uh...Hmmm
* "Obama Care" has to go
* The Iran deal is proof that the US is near total disaster
* Bill Clinton is mentally disturbed
* All those running, except for Hillary, know nothing about foreign affairs
* So naturally they know nothing about international diplomacy
* Scott Walker will not have to move out of Wisconsin
* Rick Perry is no better now that he was the last time
* Hillary is trying to apologize her way into the oval office
* Anchor babies are mostly from Asia
* All lives matter
* Speak English, this is America 
* Planned Parenthood gets away with murder and organ peddling in plain sight
* Campaign contributions and lobbying money = BRIBERY.
* Chris Christie blew his chance to impress back in 2012 - You were late, Man
* Trump is not afraid to use his goons to clear the room of those he dislikes
* None of those running know that English is not the national language of the US

We still have almost 6 months to go before the people start to express themseves through the official voting process.  I have been enjoying the daily side show.  There is no need for Saturday Night Live, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon or any of the other professional clowns of the airwaves.  We have nearly two dozens Bozos before our very eyes every day. If it were only a visual circus that would be passtime enough, but in this case it is auditory as well.  

Some of the ideas that bombard us are rather challenging.  Some of the questions to which they give rise are also bewildering.  
For example:
     Are the 11,000,000 to be deported only Mexicans?
     If not, how many are Latin Americans from south of Mexico?
     How is getting them across the Panama Canal going to be managed?
     If 11,000,000 is only Latin Americans, is it possible that the illegal immigrants from other countries get to stay?
    I happen to know that there is a very successful underground of illegals from the Philippines all over the country.  Are they going to be ferretted out and put on boats going back to Manila?
     Oh, the Wall.  Is it going to mimick the East Bank/West Bank divide between Israel and Palestine?  Now that is one mean wall.  
     Is Mexico going to pay for it with remittance money?
     Or maybe with drug money collected from US users?
     Are we going to collect remittance fees to pay for the Wall?
     Whose going to unclog the court system from all the lawsuits brought against the US gov't by the army of NGO lawyers protecting the "Anchor Citizens" from deportation?
     Better still, what will be the going rate for the monetary settlements that will become the "soupe du jour" to keep the offended "Anchor Citizens" happy and quiet?
     If the Mexican "Anchor Citizens" don't sue us (US?) you can be sure that the Filipinos will. 
     When it comes to the Affordable Care Act and its repeal, are we sure that the special interests haven't bought their way into that position?

I am wondering if it is Bill Clinton who is mentally disturbed or someone else?
I am also wondering on what wall the psychiatric license to make such a determination about someone's mental state is hanging?

If you don't think that this is funny you must have got upon the wrong side of the bed this morning.