Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Source of colcrys [colchicine]
A story about bribery and lying.
I sent this email to URLPharma, Philadelphia,Pennsylvania

"I have been taking colchicine for 43 years.  I have bought and used colchicine in The Philippines, in Mexico, in Italy, France, Canada and the USA and it has always worked very well. There is nothing wrong with colchicine except that the pharmaceutical companies were not making enough profit from it.   So, you happen to be the ones who invented the right reason with the right wording to make the change.  Then you proceeded to stuff the right wallets with the right amount of greenbacks to get permission to perfect a drug that has a 2,000 year history of satisfactory performance. Nice job.  

I will never buy one single milligram of "colcrys" in the USA for as long as I live.  Take that to the bank."

Click here below for a well written study about colchicine. 

Colchicine is a drug that has been used for 2,000 years as a treatment for  attacks of the gout.  These attacks are called "flare-ups" because the pain that the gout causes is like FIRE.  I know.
You will see a picture of the crocus plant from where it comes when it is processed from nature.  Now though, I suppose that the billionnaires who bribed the FDA to let them re-invent the drug probably do it by manufacturing the molecules themselves.  

We live in a country that is so warped that it is difficult to see where common sense, if any exists, starts and where it leads.  So it is said in all the official writing that I have seen, the FDA wants to know if this drug is working like it should.  It has been so long that it has been studied that it has been decided to give a pharmaceutical company the right to market its patented version of it as an exclusive.  Talk about a sweetheart deal!   We can't prove it, and no one will ever admit it, but I personally am convinced that there was a lot of money dumped into some very voracious political deep pockets to get this done.  So now the contract has been delivered and the people with the gout, like me, have to pay exhorbitantly high prices for a drug that should be a dime a pill.
Get ready for the scare tactics now.  
Please be warned that buying colchicine from Canada, Mexico or the Philippines could be dangerous to your life.  
Remember that if you are brazen enough to buy colchicine in another country and get caught with it in your possession upon re-entering the USA that you will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

I keep thinking that the FDA is so fully staffed with incompetents that it doesn't know what the drugs that it has cleared for public use are up to. We are lucky that the original manufacturer of Aspirin is a German company.  Beware, though, there is perhaps a pharmaceutical company here in the USA that is dreaming of a way to allow the FDA to let it re-study the properties of salicylic acid so that it can tweak it to make it a new invention and therefore be sold exclusively for $5.00 per pill.  Oh, yeah!  I can see it now.  Isn't this excitingly reassuring for all you takers of Kumadin?  If the FDA doesn't know if it can trust a 2,000 year old drug, what does that say about its grasp of the properties of a 15 year old drug?  I'll bet that there are more people who have died from kumadin dosage over the last five years than have died from colchicine in the whole 2,000 years of its discovery.

The way this country is being run is very disheartening indeed.  I guess I shouldn't complain too much.  I, and you, still have the freedom to write and say what we think without having too much to worry about.  So I guess I will get away with this.  I still have the gout, but I will find a way to buy my colchicine somewhere else on the planet.  

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