Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Have you seen the email thing about President Barack Obama being nothing but an apologizing wimp who bows to the Japanese?  I'm sure you did.  Did you see the email that went around and accused George W. Bush of being a wimp because he kissed the king of Saudi Arabia?  Hmmm!
Now,don't get me wrong.  Obama is a wimp.  He is a pink-pantied, floppy shorts basketball dude who wanted us to believe that he is really a hockey player who could get things done against the boards.  He is not cut out to be a democratic president.  Where was he when he should have been saying, "You want me to be a one term president?  Good, get me for what I did, not for what you blocked me from doing."  If there is anything that I thoroughly dislike about Barack Obama is the fact that he continues to whine and sniffle that it is not his fault but that it is what he inherited.  Barack: when are you going to wake up and realize that it is infinitely more glorious to get beat after one term for the things that you DID rather than the things that you didn't do?  Stop dipsy-doodling, deeking and jooking and crush the MF against the boards.  Of course, it is too late now.  I voted for you because there was no way that I was going to go for McCain/Palin.  But, right now, you're on my thin ice, dude.  You can check out what I have already written about you.
You have shown that you have no killer instinct.  I suggest that you go back to community organizing somewhere and let someone run the country who is not afraid to kick ass, no matter what the cost.
P.S.  I also hope that all the Catholic schools, universities and hospitals stop taking government money, downsize to what cash-paying customers can bring in and let you Feds and State dudes pick up the tab for the rest.  Good luck, sweetie pie.
One last thing.  I like the Drone thing.  I do have a question about the law that was passed some 40+ years ago about our government not doing foreign assassinations?
Oh, well,  Good luck, Mr. Pantie Waist.

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